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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

HouseSpring has arrived in Vermont and New Hampshire and now is the time to do some spring cleaning on the outside of your home. Maintenance on your home this season can feel overwhelming but prioritizing a list of the most important items will ensure your yard and exterior look outstanding this summer.

1. Clear the ground – Many of us find that over the winter months our yards become covered in debris such as fallen branches and sticks as well as acorns and leaves that may have been left over from the fall. Now is the time to clear your yard of all debris so that it will be ready for the first time you break out your lawn mower.

2. Prune and shape bushes – Winter can be really hard on shrubs, trees and bushes in your yard. If you remove damaged branches you will make room for new healthy growth and you can also take this opportunity to re-shape everything.

3. Check and clean gutters – This time of year we see a lot of rain which means your gutters will be hard at work. Now is a good time to check for any clogs and make sure there has been no damage done to your gutter system with the snow and ice this winter.

4. Prepare for summer tools – It’s time to start rotating the shovels and snow blowers out and making room for the rakes and lawn mowers that take center stage this season. Depending on your storage space you may need to move winter tools out to make room for what you will be using more in the spring, summer and fall. This may include swapping sleds and skis for bicycles and bike helmets. An organized area will be more functional and easier to navigate. This is also a good time to check over your lawn mower and add gas for the upcoming season.

5. Check for rotting clapboards and peeling paint – Winter can be rough on the siding on our homes. This is the time of year that you want to assess your clapboards for any rotting and look for peeling paint. If your house doesn’t have wood siding you will still want to look for any damage that may have occurred to your siding or window trim.

6. Evaluate your roof – In order to get a really good idea of how your roof held up over the winter you will need to take a closer look and see if there are missing or damaged shingles. Roofing can be very dangerous so it may be best to enlist the help of a trained professional to evaluate and make any necessary repairs on your roof.

7. Inspect walkways and driveways – Your driveway and walkways are another area that can sustain some damage over the winter. With shovels and snow plows scraping them you may find they don’t look so good now. Tackling cosmetic issues now can save you from more costly repairs down the road.

8. Check fencing – If you have a fence along your property, now is the time to check it for any damage. You may find some damage around the bottom where there was snow build up or shoveling damage. Your fence may also require a fresh coat of paint.

9. Prepare outdoor furniture – A season of storage can do a number on outdoor furniture. Make sure you get yours dusted, cleaned and ready for outdoor living.

10. Walk the perimeter – Take a close look at the base of your home. Look for any cracks in the exterior foundation or other issues that may need repair. You want to catch any chance of leaking or pests before they become a problem.

This may seem like a long list combined with the cleaning and upkeep you have planned for the interior of your home but just remember, it’s the exterior of your house that makes the first impression. If you are still considering selling your home during the spring season you want to be sure your house is looking it’s best for potential buyers.

Spring cleaning can take a lot of your time if you are planning to sell your home this spring and buy a new one, contact us today and let Title Mortgage handle your mortgage needs. We can take this stress off you so you can focus on making your property beautiful!


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