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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

Buying a home during the holiday season can be stressful and have some unique challenges due to the weather in the Upper Valley. However you might be surprised to learn that it also has some substantial benefits. Here are 6 tips to consider when buying a home during the holidays.

  1. Seller Motivation – A seller does not want to move during the holidays anymore than you do. This means that they are highly motivated to sell if they listed their home this time of year. You may be able to reach an agreement easily thanks to the time of year and the likelihood of less competition.
  2. Decreased Competition – This time of year there are typically fewer home buyers and there are also less homes on the market to choose from. The decrease in competition can be beneficial for a smooth process.
  3. Lower Prices – We have seen home prices increase in the Upper Valley, in part because of a lack of inventory. December historically has the lowest home prices of the year. This is due to the holiday season and the lack of competition. We don’t know if this year will follow that trend however it’s certainly possible.
  4. Available Agents – This is also a slower time for real estate agents. This means they may have more flexibility and focus to move your home search along.
  5. Efficient Closing Process – With fewer closings happening there are some efficiencies that can be gained for your process. Not to mention that the buyer and seller will also be motivated to keep everything on track with the closing.
  6. Seasonal Benefits – When you are buying a home you often need to make a number of purchases from furniture to appliances. This season is ideal for making big purchases like that because you can capitalize on end of the year and holiday sales.

If you are nervous to continue your home search during the holiday season, note that you may see some benefits from staying the course. Title Mortgage Solution, LLC is your Upper Valley mortgage lender. Our years of experience will make for a smooth lending experience no matter what time of year you’re buying a home.

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