Is Now a Good Time to Refinance? YES!

Interest rates dropped at the beginning of the pandemic and many homeowners rushed to refinance. Refinancing became a nation-wide quarantine activity along with bread-baking and zoom calls. As the economy begins to stabilize and interest rates inevitably rise, all homes should consider refinancing before these record low rates become a part of pandemic history! Homeowners […]

Mortgage Discount Points vs. Origination Points

If you are beginning to look into obtaining a mortgage, you may have heard of mortgage points. Mortgage points are an upfront charge on your loan. A mortgage point is equal to 1% of the loan amount. So if you are taking out a loan for $200,000 1 mortgage point would be equal to $2,000. […]

Buy a Lake House

6 Tips to Buying a Lake House

Summer is here and for many this summer looks different than past years. Traveling has become more of a challenge and having your own vacation space has become more appealing. You may have found yourself in a position where the idea of a second home or vacation home is top of mind. Purchasing a second […]

Spring Real Estate Has Sprung: What You Need to Know

Spring is a time when real estate markets across the country pick up steam. Many homeowners will wait for the spring market to list their home and the market is often rich with buyers during this season. The Upper Valley is known for a strong and often competitive spring real estate market. This fast moving […]

FICO Score Changes: How Will They Impact Your Credit?

A change has been announced as to how credit scores will be calculated with the new FICO 10 system. According to CNBC, this new change to the FICO scoring system will put more weight on missed payments and rising debt levels. What Does the FICO Change Mean for me? The new FICO scoring system is […]

Housing Watch: What’s in Store for Real Estate in 2020?

As the New Year approaches experts begin predicting trends for the 2020 real estate market. This is also a time for reflection on the 2019 real estate market and how the results compare with the anticipation at this time last year. 2019 Real Estate Summary According to MarketWatch, at this time last year, mortgage interest […]

Is It Time to Refinance?

Reasons to Secure a Home Mortgage Refinance Time changes all things, which is why it is a good time to see if refinancing can benefit you! Some of the most common reasons for refinancing a mortgage are to obtain a lower interest rate, remove private mortgage insurance, or to change loan programs. Any of these […]

Supporting Mortgage Documents: Why So Many?

You’ve just finished submitting your loan application to your loan officer, sharing what feels like your entire life’s information. Then you receive a list of mortgage documents you need to share with your lender and it seems more exhaustive than the application! It can be overwhelming to see everything that they need and can feel […]