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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

Eco Friendly House InteriorSummer will be here before we know it and with it will come some high temperatures. Right now those high temps sound great but when it’s hot outside it can also get really hot inside. Even if you run air conditioning in the summer there are a few things you can do to keep your house cool and save on cooling costs.

How to Keep a House Cool

1. Check your insulation – Insulation is not just for the winter months. It also helps keep your house cool. Summer is a great time to check the weather stripping on doors and windows to ensure there are no loose spots where cool air can escape. This can also be a great time to get an energy audit to pin point areas where your home is wasting energy. Sustainable Woodstock offers a list of certified energy auditors serving the Upper Valley.

2. Turn your fans around – If you usually use fans to cool your home, you probably have them blowing directly on you. To keep your home cooler, change it up and face fans out. When it cools down at night and it’s colder outside turn your fan to blow out your window. This will push hot air out and bring the cold air in. Additionally, if you have ceiling fans consider turning them on to spin counterclockwise. This will help keep the room cooler and pull warm air up.

3. Freshen up your paint – Fresh paint makes your house look its best but it actually does a lot more. Paint helps to protect your home from the elements including sun and strong heat. This is also a good time to check your roof and make sure it’s still in good shape to protect your home.

4. Turn off the lights – When you turn on a light in your home the light bulb starts putting off heat. Luckily it stays light much longer in the summer months so you can wait longer to turn the lights on. But it’s important not to leave lights on when you are not home so that you don’t waste electricity and heat your home.

5. Get Grilling – Grilling outside is a favorite summer past time. It’s also a smart way to keep your home cooler. Opting to cook meals on your grill and avoiding your stove can help you keep your home cooler.

6. Unplug – Everything in your home that’s plugged in puts off heat. From a cell phone charger to your TV. The more things you can unplug when you aren’t using them the better. Not only will you keep your home cooler but you’ll also save on your electric bill.

7. Service your air conditioner – Most homes in the Upper Valley don’t have central air but if you do it’s important to have the system serviced before summer gets going. Even if you rely on window AC units it’s still a good idea to check the system and clean it before installing it for the summer season.

8. Close the blinds – If your family is away from the home for most of the day consider pulling all the blinds first thing in the morning. Keeping the sun out during the day will help you come home to a cool house at the end of the day.

At Title Mortgage we know how much New England residents look forward to summer. These tips will help you keep your inside space comfortable so that you can spend as much time as possible outside and come home to a cool house when you’re ready to rest.


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