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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

use-winter-weather-to-sell-your-homeIt’s no secret that winter is the slower season in real estate. But just because there are fewer buyers out and about in the winter months doesn’t mean your house isn’t going to sell. In fact, by embracing the season you can use the snowy winter weather to sell your house faster!

1. Update Your Description – The words you use to describe your home in the listing can get buyers to take a closer look. In the winter months you want to lead with details about your heating system, insulation,  attached garage and efficient hot water heater. You should also talk up a nearby gym since people are less likely to want to exercise outside this time of year. Think of everything you love about your home in the winter and put it on display.

2. Get Cozy – When people enter your home for a showing and come out of the elements, you want them to feel warm and cozy. Make sure the heat is on, light the propane fireplace and make sure there is a well placed mat to wipe boots and an easy place to store their winter wear. An organized mud room can be a major selling point in the winter months.

3. Price Accordingly – It’s important to pay attention to market trends during the winter months. Your licensed real estate agent will be able to tell you the best price for your home depending on the season. One thing to remember is that although there may be fewer buyers this time of year, there are also fewer houses on the market. This means that there is potential to get top dollar for a desirable house that is priced right. You could even have a bidding war.

4. Manage Your Snow Fall – When your house is on the market you want to make sure that you maintain a well manicured walkway and driveway. Don’t let ice form on your steps and remove any icicles that build up. You want your snow management to look effortless.

5. Photograph for the Future – When creating your real estate listing it’s important to share a good representation of your house in all seasons. You want potential buyers to see your beautiful vegetable garden and the way the leaves change on the maple tree in the fall. Winter is the focus for now but it’ll be gone before we know and perhaps before they move in so give them something to look forward to.

6. Snow Lovers – Sure, winter and snow can be a major drag sometimes. But we live in New England and for many of us the winter months are too short. Make sure you talk up the proximity to ski mountains and snow shoe trails in town. Show them your home is a perfect winter retreat.

No matter the season there will always be people looking to buy a home. If you position yourself well and use the winter in your favor you can sell your home in no time.

Post Author: Titlemortgage