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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

Sell Your Home This Holiday SeasonLate fall is not traditionally a busy time in real estate. Buying a home this time of year would mean closing during, or shortly after the holiday season. Some sellers will even remove their home from sale listings at this time with the assumption that their home won’t sell during the holiday season. It is true that there are less buyers this time of year, but that absolutely does not mean your home won’t sell.

Here are 5 tips to selling your home during the holiday season:

1. Less competition – The holiday season may seem like an unlikely time to sell a home but there are buyers shopping during this time. Ultimately there are far fewer homes on the market this time of year so keep in mind that a well priced move in ready home will be very appealing to a family that is ready to move.

2. Embrace the season – Holiday decorations can make a home feel warm and inviting and help a buyer envision their own holiday celebrations in the space. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Nice smelling candles window candles and a beautiful wreath are a great start to getting your home holiday sale ready.

3. Improve indoor lighting – During the winter months the days are shorter and it can be harder to light our homes with natural sunlight. When you are selling your home lighting is important. Buyers can be turned off by a home that appears dark. Invest in a few new lamps or light fixtures or even new bulbs that will improve the lighting in your home in a natural way.

4. Price your home to sell – The pricing on a home is always important but if you’re home is going on the market during the holiday season you want to be sure that you priced it appropriately. Your real estate agent is highly trained in home values in your area and they will be able to tell you the best price for your home given the time of year. If your home is overpriced it could result in high foot traffic but no offer which is especially frustrating during the holiday season.

5. Be move in ready – If there’s one thing a buyer is looking for during the holiday season it’s a home they can move right into. Major renovations are not practical this time of year and the more buttoned up your home looks the easier the move will be for the buyer.

When people are searching for a home during the holiday season they typically need to find a home due to a relocation or buying opportunity. There may be fewer people shopping for homes now but they are typically more serious then some of the buyers in the spring real estate market and there are less homes on the market. Take advantage of this captive audience by setting the stage of your home with the goal of selling your home during the holiday season.

At Title Mortgage we still have a number of clients searching for that perfect home and trying to take advantage of the low interest rates still available to them. If you already own a home the holiday season can be a great time to refinance your home and potentially lower your mortgage payment before you start holiday shopping! Call us today, 603-643-1400.


Post Author: Titlemortgage