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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

Woman Walking DogsIf you are house hunting you probably have a great list of must have requirements for your new home. That’s a great place to start but sometimes taking a closer look at your lifestyle can help you identify the best house for you.

You may not think the following 5 questions have anything to do with the house you’re going to buy but the answers will tell you more then you think. Taking the time to answer these questions may help you narrow down your Upper Valley real estate must have list and make you a savvy home buyer.

1. What are you most likely to do on the weekends?

A. For most of us the weekends are our time to enjoy our home and the town we live in. Does your ideal weekend involve shopping and the gym or a walk around the neighborhood with your dog and walking to get a coffee. Someone who enjoys walking places and walking a pet may need to consider an in-town home within walking distance to amenities. Keep location in mind as you look for your dream home.

2. You’re having a party, what will you serve your guests?

A. Entertaining in your home can be so fun. You just need to consider the space the home you’re looking at has and what kind of entertaining you plan to do. If your answer is that you want to watch football with guests and eat appetizers in the living room you want to make sure that space in your new home is conducive for that. If you’re a person who likes to serve guests a 3 course meal in a formal dining room, that is something else to look for in your home.

3. When you look at the outside of your dream home in a magazine what do you notice first?

A. What attracts you to the outside of a home? Pain color, landscaping, architectural style, shutters or a porch or deck? If you’ve always dreamed of having a home with a porch, consider this in your search. The home you choose doesn’t need to have a porch already but you probably want to make sure one could be added down the line.

4. What is the first thing you would buy for your new home?

What is that big item that you can’t wait to buy for your new home? If it’s a giant flat screen TV or traditional formal living room furniture, this can tell you a lot about your style. If you want a media room you may look for a home with finished basement space or a large living room. For your more traditional style you may enjoy a more formal room with a fire place. When you walk through a home think about where that first big purchase is going to go. If you can’t picture it you may want to move on.

5. What item is on your must have dream kitchen list?

For some a dream kitchen would have a professional quality double oven for entertaining, for others it would include a wine fridge while others would be happy with a microwave and a refrigerator with an ice maker. Kitchen renovations are expensive so you either what to buy a home that is priced right and plan to do the kitchen over or you need to be sure you love the features included in the kitchen that is there.

When you are shopping for Upper Valley real estate if can be easy to get caught up in a home that seems to be a great fit.

Post Author: Titlemortgage