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7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 105, Hanover, NH 03755

PaintingWhen you are getting ready to list your home on the real estate market you start thinking about keeping it clean and removing clutter. Most sellers aren’t looking to do major renovations at this time but there are a handful of things that make buyers cringe but are very low cost and low effort for the seller to fix in advance. A $40 fix could totally change the way a prospective buyer sees your home!

1. Chrome hardware – Chrome hardware and fixtures are no longer catching the eye of buyers in a good way. These shiny metal finishes are proving to be a buyer turn off. Knobs and fixtures can be expensive but updating to a brushed nickel or brass finish can turn up the sophistication in your kitchen or bathroom and please your potential buyers. The shorter their list of things they want to change the better!

2. Paint colors – Bright and bold paint colors may be your favorite but chances are your buyers won’t love them as much. If your home features loud paint colors or a funky accent wall, it’s probably best to update this before listing the home for sale. When selling a home it’s best to stick with gray, beige or white paint colors. This is something the buyer may update again but it’s important that they see the home as a blank canvas when they tour it with the intention to buy.

3. Carpeting – If you have to make any flooring updates before selling, keep in mind that buyers are not looking favorably a rooms with wall to wall carpeting. Some people love carpeting underfoot in a bedroom but at the end of the day hardwood is still king. If any of the rooms in your home require a flooring update weigh your options before laying more carpet. It could help your home sell faster and garner more interest.

4. Multi-use rooms – If your home has more bedrooms then your family needs, you may be using one of them as a gym, home office, wrapping paper room or catch all. The opportunities are endless. This is a great use of space for you but when it comes time to sell you need to show buyers the full potential of the home. If they are looking at your home you should assume that they intend to use all the bedrooms for their original purpose. Before the house goes on the market move your gym or office set up and stage that extra room as a bedroom again. When a room is filled with gym equipment it may give the illusion that a bed may not fit nicely in the space.

5. Maximize storage – You may struggle to fit all of your bath towels in your linen closet but you don’t want your prospective buyer to see that. Empty out that linen closet and put back in only what fits nicely and in an organized way. Put the extra items in storage until you move. Showing buyers an over stuffed linen closet gives the impression that the home lacks space. While that may be the case for your family you want to show your home with full potential and in a positive light.

Sellers often make the mistake that buyers can see past these things and that they would rather make their own updates once they move in. There are some buyers out there that can do this but the majority need to be able to walk through a home and picture themselves living there at that moment. A few smart update choices before listing your home can result in a faster sale and more interest overall.

Post Author: Titlemortgage